Students’ Union Refurbishment.

The University of Worcester Students’ Union has recently undergone a major refurbishment of its main building over the summer of 2016.

The reorganisation was decided in mid July and work began on the 8th August 2016, continuing until a few weeks before students were expected to arrive back at the university; the work being done by two external contractors.

The main reason behind the plans for the building was so that the original office in the Woodbury building could be used as a practise room for Sports Therapy and Occupational Therapy students.

We spoke to SU President Jade Haley about the renovation and she said: “Everyone that could help in the Students’ Union is here to be able to help them straight away” and that “Because everyone is now within that closer proximity, everyone seems to be working a lot more closely together, a lot more collaboratively and people are just asking for help if they need help”.

And as well as the SU staff now all being located in the SU building, it has new features including wheelchair access through the resituated Welcome Desk and refurbished toilets, as well as the sofas, in the Pear Tree, being recently refurbished by the SU.

The work was funded entirely by the university itself through money set aside to invest in the Students’ Union. Jade went on to say: “we are very, very grateful and lucky that the university has paid, completely paid for the refurbishment”.

The relocation of all the SU offices now means that the Student Advice Room is located in the Students’ Union building. Alternatively, advice on areas such as health and wellbeing, housing, finance and studies can be found on the SU website at www.worcsu.com.

The Students’ Union would now like to give the bar in the Pear Tree a makeover as it is the main entertainment service in the university, though this would be paid for by the SU themselves.

Article by Adam Spindler


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