The Landscape Painter by Kevin Brooke

Fed up with the bleakness of the winter months, cheesed off with the endless blank canvas of the snow covered countryside, Joseph made a decision. His heels clicking with excitement, his mind a kaleidoscope of intention, he set off with some brushes and pots and proceeded to paint the landscape – literally.

He began by painting the leaves on the trees, then the trees in the enchanted forest, the shrubs, the pathways and the fences that stood to attention, his multi-coloured paints splashing on the ground as he went. The addition of as many different flowers as he could think of followed until they could be seen at the foot of every tree, by the side of every path and on the edge of every stream.

Something was missing however. Joseph’s coats of many colours included all but the one he favoured most. He looked back to where his heavy footprints had trodden a whirling, swirling path through the snow, sensing an opportunity. Some careful manipulation plus a huge imagination later and a yellow brick road was added to the landscape, painted all the way back into town.

After one final sweep of green across the golf course Joseph’s work was almost done. An hour later, he was seen in the high street with a brush at the ready – complete with both an enormous bucket and a wish to celebrate his achievements.

Tempted to use his favourite colour, he decided instead, to paint the town red.

By Kevin Brooke


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