Shopping Advice

So you’ve just arrived at your accommodation for the next year of your uni life and now have to learn how to survive on a budget. You’ll think that you can adapt and live on that easily but in reality that isn’t the case.

Here in Worcester we have no Waitrose or Burger King to survive on but that doesn’t mean you can’t live well. With a few simple steps you can find all those great foods you want for the best price or ease of access.

First and foremost, find out what and where your local shop is, if you live in St. John’s there is both a Tesco and a Co-op within 5-10 minutes’ walk, not to mention a local corner shop and the shop within the Students Union that will cover most of your needed purchases.

If you’re living in the city you will have a Tesco, a Sainsbury’s and Co-op close to the accommodation as well but these may not cover the whole shop that you need or offer the best prices for them. For these you may need to head to the bigger stores 3 of which are in St John’s and the last within the city centre.

These bigger stores are a larger Co-op, a large Sainsbury’s and an Aldi on St John’s with an Asda bringing up the city side. Yet that still leaves you with the choice of four stores to choose from to shop at and then how far you may have to walk back with the shopping which can be a hassle for many.

But good news, as all of these stores will offer free delivery if you spend over their specified amount, so there is no need to trudge home carrying a case of Carling. Yet that still requires you to go on each of their sites to check on what deals they have or just the regular price that is being offered.

Though with sites like or to find deals and offers that are going on. The former allowing you to compare products and their prices between at all the different stores and build a basket of them once you have found what you want. The latter of the sites compiling freebie offers around and where you can snag them in your area.

So now you can be happy shoppers and go forth to find the cheapest bottle of vodka for your pre-drinks.

Article by Duncan Cushenan.


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