A Helping Hand.

Many students suffer problems at university and sometimes need help resolving these issues; if they be academic, housing or emotional problems at their source, there are places that you can turn to for help.

The Students Union can and will offer you all the advice that you need and well as the follow up help with it, much of this information is found here on the SU website  though we shall tell you now what you can find on it.

The academic section covers everything from cheating claims on your work to claiming mitigating circumstances if you need them. And as the Students Union is independent from the University all of the information that they will provide you will be both impartial and in your best interest. Another perk is that if it is require a member of their team can be arranged to join you in any meetings that you may need to attend, as they can be quite unnerving so having that support there is a real help.

The next section that they cover is your health and wellbeing, ranging from your sexual health to your mental health As University can be very tough on your health and may cause you problems, you can be assured that their is a team in place to support you through any hardships that you may fall into. The SU President Jade Haley is a big supporter of mental health awareness and is planning to push support and raise awareness for it over the next year.

Help on the housing situation is also offer, if you have an issue with your current contract and accommodation or want to be sure that your move into a new house won’t have any hidden loopholes for you. Every year they will hold a fair where local landlords will be able to offer their places up for your rental and you can be assured that those present are accredited by the University. But even those with landlords outside of the fair can be helped by the SU if they need help with a contract signing or leaving one early.

The SU will also offer some help in financial matters but this is one that is mainly defered to the Universities Money Advice Team, where they can help see if you are in line for a grant or need to budget now you’re no longer living at home.

Finally, a volunteer service offered by members of the SU is Nightline a free and confidential service that can be called for help with problems you are suffering or if you just need someone to talk to. They operate 8pm – 8am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights and can be called on 01905542760 and you will be connected to a trained operator.

Article by Duncan Cushenan

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