New to Worcester? Check out the nightlife!

For all you newcomers to Worcester, there are plenty of watering holes and dance floors to explore this freshers week and beyond.

A mainstay for Worcester Uni students is Tramps Nightclub, a large venue with regular events and promotions. Tramps is mainly focused on dancing, with multiple music themed rooms and a large dancefloor connecting them all.

Other nightclubs include a nice place for dancing called Sin, and a great place to end your night called Bushwackers. Go in that order, since you can usually get a stamp on your hand at Sin to get free entry to Bushwackers.

If you’re in the mood to chill out with some drinks and friends on a settee rather than dance, try out Keystones Cocktail Club. They’ve got a wide variety of drinks with some very talented bartenders, plus some arcade machines for those who get bored easily.

The Slug and Lettuce is a wonderful rendezvous to meet up with friends for a meal and a drink, plus it has DJ’s on Friday’s and Saturday’s so it doubles for a semi-nightclub as well. Another great place to meet up is a cosy alternative bar called Heroes, it has a warm friendly quality to it, and live DJ’s on the weekends. The Courtyard can be good for a start to a night out too.

If live music is what you’re looking for, visit the Marrs Bar. Good drinks, great tunes, good times.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for somewhere a little less energetic and a little more relaxing, try out Cellar Bar, a smaller, quieter place with a pleasant atmosphere to grab a quick drink and shoot some pool.

There are also two Wetherspoons, The Crown and The Postal Order if it is for a quick drink and afternoon lunch or for a longer night of pitchers and pints. Both serving decent food and the wide range of drinks that you have come to expect from this chain.

Though we can’t talk about the bars of Worcester and not mention our own, located on campus in the upstairs of the SU is The Pear Tree. This will offer you the student drinks at student prices with a promo card that will get you 20% off your favourite drink, they have event nights such as live band and bavarian nights throughout the year a well as weekly karaoke nights, in which you can earn free drinks by singing.

This is far from an exhaustive list, if you want to really get a feel for Worcester and its venues, you have to walk the streets of it yourself and look around. Get lost! It’s a beautiful vibrant city, there aren’t many places where you won’t find something worth visiting.

Article by Liam Stallard.

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