Societies, what is on Offer?

The University of Worcester has a total of 33 different societies on offer to the students as well as another 4 volunteering societies to join, and that is before we even start to talk about the sports teams.

The university’s Students’ Union figures show that a total of 722 students joined societies last year. Andy Wager, Student Engagement Coordinator, said “It’s a really easy way of finding people who have the same interests as you”.

The university offers an extensive range of different societies, which take place throughout the week.

Academic societies relating to university courses include Archaeology, Biology, Creative Writing, Economics, Education Enhancement, Forensic, Gaming, Geography, Nursing, Psychology, Screen Production and The Voice Student Newspaper. So if you are looking for something to expand your studies or to further enjoy your favourite subject, these are going to be the ticket for you.

There are also the general interest societies include the Arts and Culture Club, Loco and the Spotlight Theatre Society. So if you want to make new friends from a hobby or a passion, do look into these as they are wide ranging and have plenty to offer for everyone.

Volunteering groups include Helping Handbags, who aim to give handbags to the homeless in Worcester with items such as water and food in them; Kickstart Sports, which promotes more sport engagement with primary aged children; Nightline, a service for students who wish to talk to people confidentially about problems; and the Uni Boob Team, who represent CoppaFeel, the breast cancer awareness charity.

If you have an interest in the Harry Potter genre, a Harry Potter society and a Quidditch sports team are available. Meghan Wright, chairperson of the Harry Potter society, said they “do loads of fun activities in relation to Harry Potter” with a Christmas Yule Ball and trip to ‘The Making of Harry Potter’ studios in London lined up for this academic year.

If your interests are more political, or you would like to put your views across on a variety of different topics, a Debate Society is active in the university. Charlotte Kettlewell, secretary of the Debate society, explained that this year the society is going to have “inflammatory discussions about certain topics” on areas such as “euthanasia, whether God exists or not and feminism”.

For fans of the comic book genre, a Marvel/DC Comics and Anime and Manga society is also available. Liam Morris, chairperson of the Anime and Manga society, said “we are happy to accept anyone who has never watched Anime before, who’s watched a few Animes or people who have watched lots” and that they “meet up weekly to watch and discuss Anime”.

A full list of societies at the University of Worcester can be found on the Students’ Union website at, as well as a full list of sport related clubs.

Alternatively, anybody is free to set up a new society inside the university. Andy Wager said “you can come in and you can create an entire new society and there will be dozens of people who will be interested in exactly the same thing and can come together and celebrate that”. Visit the Students’ Union website to find out more details on how to set up your own society.

The university will be holding a ‘Give It A Go’ week, from Monday 26th September, when students can go along to society taster sessions and meet the members and committee of each group.

Article by Adam Spindler

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