The Podcast is Coming

A brand new podcast is being introduced to the Voice Student News & Activities. It will supplement the launch of our newly refurbished website too, where our articles will be published and available for all to read.

The podcast will feature a number of different sections for people to listen to, including: news, sports, entertainment and politics. These areas will cover everything a student in Worcester needs and wants to hear and will give you a wider opportunity to be involved with what we are doing. As comments and tweets shall be used to supplement our own views and discussions. As a main aim of the podcast is to allow for expanded exploration of a subject with exchanges between many different views.

Editor-in-chief Duncan Cushenan gave us a few words: ‘I am very excited about the podcast. I am looking forward to the further and more engaging discussions that can be had and the further student involvement it will allow.’

He went to say that ‘the need for a long argument and digital media will be what brings it, as cut and dry articles without a follow up don’t cut it 100% these days.’

The podcast will be available on YouTube and SoundCloud when they begin to be released but there will also be plenty of links on the website so be sure to check it regularly.

Article by Adam Chowdhury.


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