The Voice,

What is The Voice?

This year sees the relaunch of your students newspaper The Voice but this year we will be working as a 100% online platform, though that is not to say that we won’t have a physical presence at the University. We will be distributing advertising material both on campus and on social media, so that you can always find our site and the information that you will be wanting from us. Moreover, going online has the advantage that our publication will always be up to date, rather than reading about Uni happenings weeks later. Not to mention it will allow us to upload everything that needs to be rather, than having to deem what is more worthy of print space in a paper.

The changes to the website are subtle however they will hopefully make a difference to your experience when you visit it. It will be easier to navigate than before so that you don’t have to spend time browsing the entire website looking for the content you want. As well as this, the website will be more visually appealing so that you keep coming back (hopefully) and makes the Voice your first call for news.

One of the other significant changes we are making is that when we write the articles, rather than just writing them to inform you about what’s going on, we will be considering one major question “What impact will this story have on you?”.

There are two ways you can be involved with the Voice. Firstly, if you wanted to contribute to the student experience by writing for us or wanting to participate in our podcast, or even working behind the scenes on web and graphic design; this entails a £5 joining fee that will be used to further advertise your work and articles within the paper.

If that doesn’t suit you, there is a new Voice Extra option which can be purchases for £2 which shall entitle you to more just just the usual student who visits our webpage. You will be sent outtakes from every podcast that is recorded, as well as early access to that and many non-news articles. Finally, you will be able to request some reviews from a range of the shows and films that we will cover.

We are also unveiling a brand new Twitter account this year @VoiceWorc which will provide you with a snapshot of what’s happening not only at the University but in the Worcester area in general e.g. events, breaking news.  

Article by Dave Watkings.

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