Spotlight Theatre Society

This is a staple society of the University and has been running for many years, led by enthusiastic and dedicated students who have a passion for theatre. This year is no different, having an entourage of devoted members to embrace the new students who wish to come and join the society.

You may think that if you have no interest in theatre this society isn’t for you but I have to say that this is not the case. They recently had a taster session that I went ahead to, as I wanted to find out more about the society so I could bring you a fully informed view of them and I have to say I vehemently enjoyed my time there.

From the get go I was made to feel welcome and not like an outsider, I was more than willing to sit on the sidelines but I was encouraged and welcomed to join in on the activities. And these activities eased us all into the world of acting starting with a few rounds of wink murder and building up to performing a small scene performed in front of other members.

Throughout all this, we had complete freedom to express ourselves and perform in the way we wished, while yes we were given the frameworks of a scene and a character type to play; there was still plenty of creativity to utilise to do as you like.

Yet, I am not the best actor around and in all likelihood I never will be, though this did not matter, the members never looked down at me for that, they used it as a chance to pass on knowledge to me and they never once did that in a condescending way.  Such as during the small performance at the end of the session, I had my back to the audience and was blocking their view of someone else, so I was enlightened to the fact I was breaking golden rules of theatre during our practice run.

However, acting is not the be all and end all of the society as there is room for lighting, sound, make-up, costume, props and a whole variety of backstage jobs as without them the shows would not go ahead. The aim of the societies to build its members towards to show that they will be doing throughout the year, these shows will take the form of a Variety Show near the end of the first semester and a show chosen by the director of the society for the end of the year.

So do you have a talent you want to show cos if you want a home for your impeccable acting skills, this is the society for you. Come along to their next free session tonight (6th October) at 6:30pm or if you can’t make it they start planning for their annual variety show next week on Thursday, 13th October! Sessions run on Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-9ish in the Cotswolds Suites (EE1106/EE1107) unless otherwise stated.

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