Worcester Wolves, Wheelchair 2nds

A largely inexperienced Worcester Wolves 2nd team took the court against Gloucester. However, Wolves showed their talent in the first quarter, and some sharp shooting from Dylan Cummings and Harry Draper meant Wolves were up 10 – 2.

Credit also goes to some fantastic ball handling by Richard Kilburn, and hard team work to get in to good scoring positions.

A Gloucester dominated second quarter meant that at half time the score stood at 18 – 17 in Gloucester’s favour. The score remained close throughout the third, with Jo Chadderton and Hayden Belgrave taking initiative to keep Wolves in the game.

Tired Wolves arms led to a rush of fantastic fast break play by Gloucester in the fourth quarter, scoring 17 points, with Worcester managing just 2.

For a team that has only had one training session together, there were a lot of positives to take from the game; attacking good shooting spaces by working together to create pick and roll opportunities, good shooting in the first and third quarters and a really strong looking defensive set up, which shut Gloucester down in the first quarter.


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