Worcester Crash Course, Part 2

Welcome back to The Voice. Last week, I took you through an exceedingly brief history of Worcester, as well as pointed you towards some of the best eateries in the city. So my mission, as designated by the Editor-In-Chief, for this week is to give you a Worcester sightseeing pocket guide. I was going to tell you a bit more about what’s available to you as a student but one of my colleagues poached that. I guess I’ll give you my impressions of the place instead.


A Guide for Prolonged Tourists


You’ve settled in at Uni. You’ve got yourself a few familiar faces. You’ve read my previous article and have sampled some of Worcester’s delicacies. But you’ve finished Season 6 of Game of Thrones and now find yourself stuck for entertainment. Fear not. We here at ‘The Voice’ have prepared for this eventuality.

Firstly, let’s start with the most common interest for new students at the University. Worcester’s nightlife. For a more in-depth analysis of the nightlife scene I’d implore you to check out my colleague, Liam Stallard’s New to Worcester? Check out the Nightlife!’ article on our page. As I have limited experience with clubs in Worcester.

Now if you’re not a fan of clubs, then you may be more interested in my forte. Worcester has many lovely pubs to use as a backdrop for your social events. Obviously the most convenient is the University’s very own Pear Tree. It’s a reliable but can often suffer from over-crowding due to lack of seating and space. Take note that it offers students a 20% discount card on your favourite drink and sadly it isn’t open on Saturdays. It makes this up by hosting social events regularly, for example karaoke every Friday night.

I’d recommend heading for ‘The Crown’ in the centre of town. It’s spacious, provides what you’d expect from a Wetherspoons and its central location is perfect as a rendezvous point. If you’re interested in your ales, try ‘The Talbot’ which is on Upper Tything, just past RGS Worcester.

Fancy seeing the latest Hollywood blockbuster? How about the latest in the Robert Langdon series, ‘Inferno’? Well there are two (Odeon & Vue) cinemas to choose from, both situated in the heart of the city at opposing ends of the High Street. As a word to the wise, Odeon Cinema has cheaper ticket prices. However, the Vue cinema has the bigger screens and larger popcorn portions (a deciding factor to me). There’s a string of retail giants on the Worcester High Street. Stores you may be familiar with include: Boots, River Island, Top Man/Top Shop, HMV, Primark, GAME, Debenhams, WH Smith, House of Fraser & New Look. Who needs Birmingham?

So you don’t fancy shopping. I can understand that. But did you know Worcester has a vibrant sporting scene? Well if you have a particular interest in professional sports – why not go support the Worcester Warriors at Sixways Stadium, less than 5 miles out of the city centre? Tickets start from £20. Alternatively, you may have a passion for cricket. Well, we have the Worcestershire County Cricket team located next to the River Severn and the Worcester Bridge on New Road.

And if neither of those take your fancy, why not support your fellow students in their sporting endeavours at the University Arena on Riverside Campus? I’m posing you a lot of questions this week. The University Arena is the home of Worcester University’s very own Worcester Wolves Basketball team. But it is also the home of Great Britain’s Mens Wheelchair Basketball team.

Now if you want to be productive and studious but your flatmates keep distracting you, you could go find your silent space at the Hive. It’s an astounding facility that was opened by Her Majesty in 2012. The library holds over ‘250,000 books and 12 miles of archive collections’ (University of Worcester, 2016). And if the sheer volume of knowledge doesn’t impress you, the Hive also plays host to ‘regular public lectures, exhibitions and performances’.

In essence, there’s a lot for you to sink your teeth into outside of the University’s walls. And that’s without considering all the wonderful opportunities it provides you in the form of societies.


My Impressions


Now, I’m going to preface this section by saying this is all based off of my own personal experiences at the University. So take it with a pinch of salt if you so choose. But…

Grasp every opportunity here with both hands.

Seriously. Get involved.

This University is one of the most dynamic and vibrant places you’ll ever encounter. This is in part down to the world-class facilities that have been invested in during recent years. But the most wonderful thing about the University is the range of people you have here. There’s something for everyone. It’s all about pursuing your passions. Be it rowing on the River Severn, or playing football in one of the many teams the University fields – there’s sure to be like-minded and friendly people here for you to discover. Even in the debating society, which you’d imagine wouldn’t breed a great deal of consensus.

If you’re nervous about talking to Lecturers or asking for advice, you don’t need to be. In my experience, nothing has ever been too much trouble for them. If you seek them out for advice or need to go through something again, they’re welcoming. It’s their job after all.

People often describe University as the best days of their life, in retrospect. But with any opportunity presented to you in life, it’s what you decide to make of it that determines what you get out of it. Worcester has its faults. Anywhere would. Anyone would. But I’ve grown quite fond of this city during my time here – and I only wish I’d embraced its gifts sooner.

So that’s it from me for this week.

I’ll be back with something new in seven or so days.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best of times here at the University of Worcester.


Sam Ceney.

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