Guide to Societies: Part 1

The University and Students’ Union of Worcester  has a wide variety of societies for students to join. 33 societies and 4 volunteer groups are currently listed on the Students’ Union website. This weekly, three part article will be a brief tour of all the available societies that you can join, at the university.

For fans of the Anime and Manga genre, the Students’ Union offers an Anime and Manga society. The society engages in weekly viewings of related films and videos as well as socials. They are hosting a 48 hour stay up this year as well as a visit to Comic Con next year.

For archaeological fans, there is an Archaeology society that is currently in its third year in the SU. The society offers a guest lecture series throughout the year, with names such as Julian Thomas, Mark Horton, Chris Dyer and Roger White having visited in the past. They also engage in half or all day events and residential trips to areas of archaeological significance.

11th November – David Mullin will be talking about a Kiln project where he – with the help of students and society members – built a kiln using ancient methods and fired pots and jugs made with ancient methods. After 6 firings the kiln is being retired but the whole project/experiment was a great success and the next project on the same site is being discussed (rumours are that it could be a round-house).

They have also recently announced a weekend jaunt to London in February next year where we will spend a weekend visiting museums and landmarks, etc. and spending the night – all for only £99.

A new society this year is the Arts and Culture Club, which offers a wide range of events throughout the year to students with interests in all art areas, such as music, theatre and comedy.

A Biology society has also been set up, open to all students at the university, regardless of whether you have knowledge of biology or not. Throughout the year, the society will welcome guest speakers on various topics, including postgraduates. The society has a variety of events coming up, such as trips to West Midlands Safari Park and Thorpe Park.

The SU also has a Bright Futures Society set up, which is the UK’s largest non-profit organization that focuses on making students more employable and recognising talent inside the university. Members will get the chance to interact with contacts such as Bank of England, HSBC, Marks and Spencer and Jaguar.

A number of religious societies can be found in the Students’ Union. The goal of the Christian Union society is to bring together Christians and Non-Christians to demonstrate a caring community that understand each other whilst illustrating the Gospel of God.

The Creative Writing society is also available to join, where members will bring in their own material and discuss it with the society, giving positive criticism, whilst creating good writers. They also host talks with published writers and create a yearly anthology from the stories written in the society.

If you want to express your views on a topic, a Debate society is also running. The society finds subjects that the members want to discuss with each other and create a friendly atmosphere where people can freely debate the topics brought up.

A Deeper Life Campus Fellowship society has also been set up, who welcome students of all beliefs and aim to make biblical principles more relevant to today’s generation. The society meets regularly and launches events such as socials, outreach and annual events as well as seminars.

For fans of the Disney and Pixar genre, a society dedicated to just that is also available. The society meets to watch relevant films and play Disney themed games, whilst also holding trips to the cinema and bowling throughout the year.

For students interested in the world of economics, a student run Economics society has been set up. Their aim is to discuss all interesting economic related topics whilst also creating and attending events that are relevant to the society.

For information on how to contact the societies in this article for queries such as membership fees and meeting times, visit the Students’ Union website at

Be sure to check The Voice website next Tuesday for part 2 of the article.

Article by Adam Spindler

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