Guide to Volunteering Societies

A Happy New Year to you all and welcome to our article on volunteering societies inside the University of Worcester’s Students’ Union.

Volunteering can become a key part in your university life and there are a range of groups that you can be a part of.

The first group available to join is Helping Handbags. The aim of this student-led project is to fill handbags with items that have been donated to them, such as water, food and sanitary products. The filled handbags are then donated to homeless people in the Worcester area.

The SU also offers the Nightline service, a listening and information service, run by students at the university, who offer a way to contact someone about any problems or just for a chat. The service runs from 8pm until 8am on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our third group is the Uni Boob Team. The society represents CoppaFeel, the breast cancer awareness charity, expressing the important message of cancer awareness, in a fun way. The group emphasises that you should check your boobs regularly whilst also being aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

To find out how to get involved with these volunteering groups or how to contact them, visit the Students’ Union Website at

Article by Adam Spindler

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